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The melting point

This is the first reason why industrial companies tend to use Tungsten metal for creating something. This metal has the highest melting point of all the other discovered elements.

High-Density Metal

Another good reason why industrial companies choose this metal is the density of it. It has the density of Gold and Uranium, about 19 times more than regular water.

One of the heaviest elements

Some industrial companies sometimes are looking for an element that has a very heavy mass. Tungsten is one of those heavier elements found to be good for industrial purposes.

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Over the many years of work, our company has expanded and developed like no other metal supplier company.

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Tungsten Metal for Industrial Purposes


TIG welding electrodes are made out of high-quality Tungsten metal. We know that TIG welding is one of the best ways to weld two metal pieces together because of its strength. The welding strength is coming from the Tungsten electrodes that are producing the weld.


Industrial Catalysts are in most cases made out of the Tungsten compounds. They are usually used in chemical processes to adjust the mechanism of chemical responses. The purpose of the catalysts is to accelerate certain reactions that are usually very slow.


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