Since the day it was first discovered, tungsten metal was named the metal of future. It can be used as a pure metal or in combination with other elements in order to produce a Tungsten Alloy. It has unbelievable properties and that made it suitable for almost every industry in the world. The name derived from the Swedish words tung sten which basically means heavy stone. Its color is a unique mix of gray and silver and it is highly resistant to corrosion, acid, heat and bases.

It is compared to diamond because it is extremely hard and durable, more durable than any other known element we know today in the periodic system. This durability indicates that tungsten can uphold an immense amount of pressure.

This wonderous element found numerous uses in the industries of today. That is why it is present the most in heavy industry. Among all other metals, tungsten has the highest melting point which makes it number one on the list of high demands. One of the greatest properties this metal has is the ability to bond with other elements and pass its own benefits to those elements making them better and stronger and more resilient.

If it is mixed with chromium and cobalt, you get the highest quality compound named stellites, an extremely durable and highly resistant material. There is simply so much to do when it comes to the hardest metal on earth. It is perfect for mixing with steel to get extraordinary performances. It is also perfect for various innovations and new discoveries. On top of all this, tungsten is also completely non toxic and it could be playing an important role in the following years and the fight against global warming. It is sure that it’s on demand.


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