Tungsten – Metal that lights the world

Tungsten – Metal that lights the world

Tungsten is a metal gained from mineral mining (wolframite and scheelite) and through recycling of the same metal. This metal on its own has some very high-profile uses, and as an element in an alloy, it becomes part of items that are widely utilized in all spheres of economy.

The typical Tungsten metal uses

Tungsten alloys3Tungsten has been around us for more than 100 years, and it is still a widespread element as its powder is the central component of a light bulb. The powder is heated at high temperatures with some other components to create a wire filament which produces light with the help of electricity.
This metal is dense and fire-resistant, and thus it has many uses like being utilized in the manufacture of lamps, microwave ovens and other heating elements due to its ability to keep the shape even under extreme temperatures. Due to its density, tungsten is used for weights, darts, fishing sinkers and similar stuff.

Tungsten Carbide – a robust and durable alloy

Tungsten alloys2The process of production of this metal is long as it has to be turned into a powder and then mixed with carbon, either (1:1 or 2:1 ratio) and heated up to 2900 Fahrenheit with hydrogen gas. It’s just slightly less hard than the diamond, and thus they sinter it to create the metal that can be used for the production of various elements and tools. You will find that the majority of drill bits and milling cutters, among many other things) are made out of this alloy due to its hardness and availability (compared to diamond).
Combine Tungsten Carbine and Cobalt powder, and you will get Cemented Carbine which is perfect for manufacturing of tools that are highly resistant to wear. The majority of large-scale machines and tools in mining industry use this alloy.

Standard alloys in which you can find Tungsten

Tungsten alloys1Mix Tungsten, Chromium and Cobalt and you will get Stellite, a durable and wear-resistant alloy that is widely used in the production of pistons and bearings.
Sinter the Tungsten alloy and create powder out of it and you get Hevimet, which is extensively utilized in the creation of ammunition (armor-piercing).
Eighteen percent of sturdy Steel alloy is the Tungsten, and it provides resistance to corrosion and wears to it. You can find this fusion in tools that are used for high-speed cutting (high-duty saw blades).

Tungsten – A metal that changed the world

This might not be obvious, but this metal and its alloys changed the world, and it is still changing it. IT has been in light bulbs from the moment we learned how to create them. It also replaced diamond for drilling which reduced the cost of mining and improved the overall state of the industry.