Tungsten – A Miraculous Metal That Surpasses Everything Else

Tungsten – A Miraculous Metal That Surpasses Everything Else

Calling this metal precious isn’t as strange as some people might think. Those that have a grasp of metal alloys and the elements that make them understand the praise we are giving to this rare metal.  All of its properties make it a crucial part of various alloys that can be found all around us.

Unique nature of the Wolfram (tungsten)

Tungsten aka Wolfram isn’t known as a metal that can provide benefits in its pure form. This element doesn’t appear in nature in its pure form. It’s produced from ores, and the result is a strong but brittle material. It isn’t suitable for work as it tends to break down and it can also be cut with a standard saw.

This is why people tend to use Wolfram as a supporting element in an alloy. This allows people to combine other elements with tungsten and draw out its advantages that will complement the final product. This is how we get to see products whose durability and other aspects tend to be higher than its previous versions.

Tungsten also plays a significant role in the economy of a country as it is a valuable resource that can bring in a lot of money through export. Another aspect of a monetary benefit through the usage of Wolfram is the reduced costs of some more expensive materials which tungsten alloys can replace.

An excellent example of the Tungsten Alloy usage (for the previous paragraph) is the high-speed steel alloy. The price of high-speed saws is high, and it’s mainly due to the usage of diamond and other similarly expensive elements. Tungsten is perfect because it has high resistance to wear as well as heat which makes it an excellent material for saws and other tools that tend to wear off over time. It can’t stop the wear, but it saves a lot of money during the manufacturing period as well as during maintenance.

The applicability of the Wolfram

Tungsten, as we already mentioned, is a sought-out material that is desired by numerous parties that want to use its alloys to improve their line of work. The advantage of this material is that it can be used in various industries due to the sheer number of its benefits. Heavy-duty companies use steel alloys that contain tungsten to increase the durability and corrosion resistance, while light bulb manufacturers use it for its heat resistance (many other industries profit from this feature as well).


The amount of tungsten that reaches the market is always far below the demand that is put on the market and that is something that remains from year to year. The production of the said metal is on a steady increase, but it’s still far away from demand figures. This is the main reason that tungsten isn’t as widely known as it should be.

Smaller countries are entering the market as suppliers, and that means that more and more of this metal will reach markets in the future. This is a good step forward when compared with the previous decade.