Application of Tungsten in Military

Application of Tungsten in Military

Fun fact if you didn’t already know that Tungsten is used by the military to produce bullets. Not just any kind of bullets, with Tungsten the military is producing armor penetrating bullets and also fragmentation ones that have a devastating effect on the target because in the moment of impact it will shred the target. Tungsten metal is used in a lot of areas from bullets, grenades to even rockets. The combination of tungsten and carbon the Tungsten Carbide is also used because it has, even more, strength and it is more durable than the pure tungsten. This metal is just perfect for making penetration bullets and shrapnels.

Companies that are producing bullets for the military all around the world are started to use tungsten for the production of ammunition. The reason behind it is very simple, it has been proven that this metal is friendly to the environment. Especially when they compared it to the lead, which has very damaging power to the environment. A lot of research has shown and proven that even the combination of tungsten and carbon is clean material that has no bad effects on the environment and it is the perfect choice for the production of ammunition and other products.

Vehicle use

Military WAnother very common use of this metal is in military vehicles, usually, helicopters and aircraft but sometimes even for armored vehicles. They use tungsten in helicopters to even out the weight of the rotors, skids or the nose. They use it quite often because this metal has a great size to weight ratio. That means that a small piece is weighing a lot. Sometimes it is also used for protection of some vehicles because of its strength.

Strategic Significance for the Military

MilitaryThe key to new and modern equipment are new materials that are more destructive, stronger and environment-friendly. However, to find such a material can be very hard. Some countries are giving very high priorities to the development and maybe the discovery of new and better materials. It was very hard for them to find a material that is better that tungsten, the one candidate that was somewhat better was the Depleted Uranium that had more destructive power but it had a huge disadvantage and that was the non-environment friendly side of it.

In Kuwait, after the war, they found out that the depleted uranium that was used left a deadly dust. After that discovery, the use of the depleted uranium was significantly dropped. Nowadays because of that, the use of tungsten bullets is very high. However, it is not easy to get a hold of a lot of raw tungsten because more than 80% of the world supply is from China.