Tungsten Alloys – Mainstream Usage And Variations

Tungsten Alloys – Mainstream Usage And Variations

Tungsten as a metal is the best at being a supporting element in an alloy as it can pass down its benefits to them. That makes this element quite popular in many industries. It provides many advantages, and the majority of them are useful in the creation of alloys that can perform better than other compounds.

Different alloys are used in various industries, and not all of them require all of the advantages that tungsten has. This is why there are dozens of alloys that contain tungsten in a desired quantity and form.

Advantages of tungsten alloys

The mainstream usage Tungsten Alloy is found in alloys that are used in the manufacturing of heavy-duty machinery as well as tools that suffer a lot of wear. Tungsten is a metal that is almost useless on its own when it comes to this kind of usage, but alloys that it strengthens are more than enough for the production of tools and machinery. That is possible due to benefits that this precious metal provides over other elements.

The first characteristic of the tungsten is its resistance to wear. This property of the tungsten is highly useful, and thus it is used in alloys that can withstand high-speed oscillations and still suffer little to no wear. Machines that utilize pistons also benefit from this characteristic.

Tungsten is also an element that shows superior resistance to heat. This element has the highest melting point out of all other parts, and thus it’s possible to transfer the heat resistance found in the tungsten to its alloys. The usage of such alloys can be seen in the manufacturing of nozzles that fuel spacecraft.

The high density of the tungsten makes it a preferred material for ammunition as it’s denser than the lead. The density makes it possible to increase the armor penetration of smaller shells which means that low-caliber weaponry has a higher chance of penetrating thick armor.

Resistance to corrosion is another characteristic of this metal, and construction companies seek it due to that. Quite a large number of steel alloys contain tungsten because it makes them resistant to rust and thus increases the durability of the product.

Electronic industry is also competing for limited supplies of the tungsten as it is used in the production of many electric utilities. Its high melting point makes it perfect for the manufacture of light bulbs, heating elements, and cathode ray tubes.

Tungsten – High adaptable element that is found everywhere

This metal doesn’t occur naturally in its pure form, but it can be found everywhere due to a wide variety of products in which it can be found. It is still a somewhat rare material, but it has been getting more attention in last few years. The primary reason for this is the increased production of the said element as well as the export of its largest manufacturer (China). This is a metal that is opening doors that lead to new possibilities, and it will continue to do so.