The Incredible Metal Is Known As Tungsten

The Incredible Metal Is Known As Tungsten

If there is a need to describe this alloy in as few words as possible, then it would be that it’s durable, sturdy and it doesn’t deteriorate. This short explanation is of course, not enough to convey all of the aspects of the tungsten. This metal is more than just another alloy that brings small benefits to the industry. On the contrary, Tungsten is a metal that is used in many alloys due to its potent properties.

What tungsten brings to alloys?

Tungsten is highly resistant to corrosion and to wear, and it contains elements that make composites stronger. These are the elements that are desired in various alloys, including steel which is used in the construction business. Indeed, modern steel alloys contain a fair amount of tungsten because it makes steel more resilient against wear and corrosion. This means that the tungsten is all around us even though its properties make it as valuable as the most expensive metals. Tungsten Alloy, for example, is frequently used for making electrodes and electric contacts.

Tungsten Alloy Balance Weigh

To top this off, it is important to note that tungsten is used in other alloys that are made for different work as well. A good example of this is the high-speed steels that are used for making saw blades as well as other tools for high-speed cutting. Tungsten makes around 18% of those metals due to its resistance to wear. The same application is also present in machinery used for bearing as well as pistons as they require materials that aren’t susceptible to wear.

Another feature of tungsten is its resistance to the heat. This is why it is used in metals that make rocket engine nozzles. This metal is also used in other alloys that are used for making machinery that has to withstand high heat.

How tungsten makes alloys better?

This metal is used in a lot of alloys because it can cover for downsides of other metals. The materials utilized in the industry have to be perfect and without any disadvantages. Tungsten is an excellent choice because it has advantages that many others lack.


This is partially due to its high-density and ability to replace some toxic elements in metal compounds. It is used instead of uranium and lead, both of which cause harm to people. It’s a perfect metal that increases the performance and reduces the risk of the alloys in which it is used. It replaces uranium because the metal in question is unstable and it’s hard to work with such radioactive element. Lead has a lower density than the tungsten, and it may cause health issues that come from lead exposure.  Tungsten is better than the lead in all aspects, and thus it wasn’t hard to choose it over other compounds.

Tungsten – Metal of the future

Many people consider tungsten to be a metal of the future and they aren’t wrong. Its benefits over other metals make it a viable choice when it comes to the creation of better, stronger and more durable alloys that can support bigger buildings. This metal is a material that is and will push the boundaries of the industry into the future.